Never take your health for granted!

Well you read the title thats right! Never ever take your health for granted, you might be feeling well now and healthy , you might be indulging vigorously on foods you love. BUT when the time comes somethings goes wrong thats when you'll start to realize your body is not the body of superman, our body is very fragile when it comes to infection and the lack of nutrients our body needs. Sure you'll say even healthy people get some disease in the time of their lives, even famous people die.. what an excuse. But aint it better to do something you could have done before something goes wrong?

Toy Story 3 - Must Watch in 3d Glasses! - Incredible Touching Movie

Okay when I was on the way home, I saw Toy Story 3 showing in 3d, I thought why not give it a go right? And it was my first time watching it with 3d glasses so I was so excited. After the screen asked us to put on our glasses as we did. The moment I saw the first pre-movie presentation called "Night and Day" it was MAGIC! The graphics the in your face visuals where you can actually see the horizon like going away form you and as almost you can touch the characters was awesome!

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