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3ds Max/3ds Max 2010 Quick Tips

Well Im no expert really this is for my sake cause I forget things real easy and also a good reference for beginners out there. These are very beginner tips so if you are an expert and you think I missed some really good tips then send me buzz I'll add it here and I will thank you for teaching me. Here we go:

* While doing something and you decide you dont wanna continue press RIGHT CLICK, this is while your about to finish an action.

* Use ALT and CTRL then right click or left click to change the number of frames while moving your mouse. This is when your doing animation.

Is your Exit Isolation mode missing in 3ds Max?

All you got to do is run this macro:
"(iso2roll.c2iso.changed (iso2roll.c2iso.state = false))" then you can drag and drop it in your toolbar, but sometimes when you do this macro, weirdly enough your Exit Isolation Mode goes back in view. Forgetting this whole shebangs. but either way you have your Exit Isolation Mode or Exit Isolation in toolbar handy for you next time! =)

Illustrator CS3 - Coordinate mismatch and aligning guides accurately

When working with Illustrator CS3 and you find yourself , transforming and moving objects but the origin of the ruler doesnt match and way off from the document itself. All you need to do is DOUBLE CLICK the upper left hand WHITE SQUARE where the X and Y ruler meets.

And also with the guide to accurately position it you need to have transform window open via Window->Transform and adjust the X/Y coordinates to your needs.

3ds Max Modifiers frequently used list

I been practising modelling meshes for 3ds Max and there are quite a few modifiers that I often use. For reference I will list most of the modifiers I used often with their description for me and for you. You can also treat this as a tutorial. If you like.

- Taper Lets you have large section at the top and small section at the bottom or vice versa.
- FFD 2-2-2 to 4-4-4 (free form deformation) Put a mesh in a cage that can be push and full to deform the model very useful for deformity. It uses various control points in the cage.

3ds Max Creating Bones - Reference

Whenever I go to creating stuff on 3dsMax I always forget how the Bone works. Just for reference for me to remind me how this work and relearned the knowledge fast. Its also to remind me Bone System for animating models and Rigging is for applying IK Solvers and Kinematics to how the bone system will work.

To create a bone: - In the right side in the Create tab and at the very end of icons the System is where you will find the Bone.

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