Golden Rule - developing 3d products for IMVU

In my spare time I do some deving for IMVU - here is a bunch of MUST DOS to follow to develop a product in no time:

1. Model your mesh and scale the model right away! So you wont run to any problems later on and make sure the size is final! Set Submesh IDs.
2. Apply Unwrap UVW modifier. Arrange your mesh map properly and be smart to when to arrange multiple mesh with the same map. You must finalize your maps here!
3. Create materials and apply to mesh

Is your Exit Isolation mode missing in 3ds Max?

All you got to do is run this macro:
"(iso2roll.c2iso.changed (iso2roll.c2iso.state = false))" then you can drag and drop it in your toolbar, but sometimes when you do this macro, weirdly enough your Exit Isolation Mode goes back in view. Forgetting this whole shebangs. but either way you have your Exit Isolation Mode or Exit Isolation in toolbar handy for you next time! =)

Left hand lfRingFinger crash for IMVU development

When you are developing an accessory for IMVU and bumped into wall regarding the left hand not exporting and crashing 3ds Max, it could have something to do with the ring finger.

All you need to do is rename the lfRingfinger02 to lfRingfinger01.

This happens because imvu made a mistake naming the bone structure, now that they have corrected it, its not compatible with the old skeleton now.

Let this be a lesson to me and for you if you happen to come across this issue.

XForm Modifier 3ds Max - for dumb dumb like me

Well Ive been trying to demistify the use of XForm I mean so what If the mesh scales, rotates, moves different in what it says in the parameter panel.

Actually XForm modifier is useful when you dont get the desired effect you want. Especially when it comes to scaling your object, a bunch of wacky result could show up for example a bend modifier when applied and when you try to scale the height. It will look wonky.

Difference between Forward and Inverse Kinematics for dummies

Like me I always known what Inverse Kinematics is specially when doing 3d Rigging, so whats the opposite of that.The forward kinematics of course.

Tips and Tricks working on your PC

Do you spent hours and hours of time working infront of your computer and wonder why it takes so long to do various task? Well Im gonna help you out or mmmm this is my blog... Well Im just gonna list various tips Ive learned working on your PC to minimize working time and can do more stuff in a day. Feel free to comment if you got more suggestion not in this post.

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