JQuery Plugin Must haves

As I am currently working on a website right now. And Im using JQuery as my javascript library and its the way to the future when it comes to DHTML and this accompanied with plugins that are useful to make developing easy and fun. Here are the plug ins I use for my reference your and yours.

* JQuery Form Submit - http://jquery.malsup.com/form/
This will let you submit forms via AJAX automatically that can save you time doing AJAX. This also lets you upload files via ajax and its pretty daunting doing file upload via ajax.

Bootstrapping - Relative Path trailing slash / (PHP)

When developing a site with bootstrapping in the mind, by the way bootstrapping is a technique in web development when all request gets directed to one page that is usually index.php for example a request to page, http://domain.com/user , http://domain.com/profile/edit etc. is handled by index.php with the help of a mod_rewrite script in the root directory.

When this is done an issue will occur relating to relative paths and pointing to static files in your site such as images, css and scripts especially . Imagine this scenario:
Examine the file structure


3ds Max Creating Bones - Reference

Whenever I go to creating stuff on 3dsMax I always forget how the Bone works. Just for reference for me to remind me how this work and relearned the knowledge fast. Its also to remind me Bone System for animating models and Rigging is for applying IK Solvers and Kinematics to how the bone system will work.

To create a bone: - In the right side in the Create tab and at the very end of icons the System is where you will find the Bone.

Tips and Tricks working on your PC

Do you spent hours and hours of time working infront of your computer and wonder why it takes so long to do various task? Well Im gonna help you out or mmmm this is my blog... Well Im just gonna list various tips Ive learned working on your PC to minimize working time and can do more stuff in a day. Feel free to comment if you got more suggestion not in this post.

SQL Match And Against - Search Reference

When doing a search function of your site. Match and Against is better than Like sql statement. The field must be set to FullText match the term on the field:

Eg. SELECT field1,field2 FROM table_name WHERE MATCH(field1,field2) AGAINST('keyword') AND field1 = '1'

You can also use the IN BOOLEAN MODE to allow operators in the sql statement.
eg. ... MATCH(field1,field2) AGAINST('-freak +hellfish' IN BOOLEAN MODE) ...
(-) minus sign that means nothing should match 'freak'
(+) the word must be present in the match.

Website Ideas taken

We all know that in this world ideas can come up anywhere. And since the explosion of internet various of ideas have risen from social networking, user videos and music. Here I will list various ideas that have been implemented and successfully running:

  • Social Networking - We all know about this one meeting and finding friends online. Adding people as your friend, having profile pages, blogs and the lot.
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