Tips and Tricks working on your PC

Do you spent hours and hours of time working infront of your computer and wonder why it takes so long to do various task? Well Im gonna help you out or mmmm this is my blog... Well Im just gonna list various tips Ive learned working on your PC to minimize working time and can do more stuff in a day. Feel free to comment if you got more suggestion not in this post.

1. Looking for a term in Google faster. English is not my second language so if theres a term I dont understand I go to and type: "define: [your term]" and you will see list of meanings straight up. Very handy.

2. Use CTRL + F to find information quickly. This is very useful when you are browsing a site that goes all the way down this is often when you do a search on google.

3.Type "calc" for calculator. Quick access. This is when you want a quick access to a calculator. Go to Start and use the Run command. This is easily accessible in Windows 7.

4. Easy access your programs. Well this is given all your most used program you must put in your task bar below. And all the not so used in the desktop.

5. Always on top window. Do you often get annoyed switching windows from front to back? Sometimes when you're trying to read something and watching a movie or tv at the same time on your computer the other window gets in the way. Or you just want a particular window to always be on top when your working. Here is the software for it. Always On Top .

6. Not to get bored working! This is usually the case when your working on a project or on a work. This will make you really bored and most likely turn away from your computer and do something else. To combat this, if you have a TV tuner card, watch tv while your working. You might think that this would make you wanna work less. But I assure you combining this together or to be exact combining pleasure with work is a great way to keep you doing what you need to do. You can also watch a movie while you work, put an earphone so you hear the dialog from the movie even you dont have your eyes on the window. Just use your peripheral vision.

7. Make sure you fill that thirst. Always have a bottle of drinks handy on your desk. Working on your computer for a long time can make you really thirsty fast. So to save you from travelling back and forth to the kitchen why not take the drink with you.

8. Minimize Eyestrain. We all know this when working straight hours on a computer, our eyes just screaming for a time out. So in order to minimize this tell yourself to take a break every hour. And look at something other than your monitor for at least 10 seconds. Also try to blink as much as you can.

9. Conversion in Google Thats right folks if you wanna know how to convert millimeter to meter, cm to inches, 1 byte to bit, inches to feet, km to miles etc etc. You can do it all in google! How? All you got to do is use "in" word between any of course desired calculation eg. Type "20 cm in inches", "5km in miles", "200mm in meter" etc etc. And you will get your answer in seconds! You can even do currency conversion as well. Isnt it handy folks?

10. Learn when to COPY + PASTE When typing long text or coding if you are a developer its best if you know when do you need to just copy and paste existing text and just editing some part of it. Especially when you have an html code that nees to be repeated for a number of times. You dont need to be a computer wiz to know when to do it. Even you just browsing the internet for information most basic users know how to copy and paste just keep in mind the article you are copying , it might be a copyright materials.

Here are just some of the few. I will update this when I think of something else. This is a reminder for me as well.But make sure you keep healthy(even though I know its hard). And get some good sleep every now and then. Till next time. :)