SQL Match And Against - Search Reference

When doing a search function of your site. Match and Against is better than Like sql statement. The field must be set to FullText match the term on the field:

Eg. SELECT field1,field2 FROM table_name WHERE MATCH(field1,field2) AGAINST('keyword') AND field1 = '1'

You can also use the IN BOOLEAN MODE to allow operators in the sql statement.
eg. ... MATCH(field1,field2) AGAINST('-freak +hellfish' IN BOOLEAN MODE) ...
(-) minus sign that means nothing should match 'freak'
(+) the word must be present in the match.

There are many other operators to be used. Refer to this page for more operator and explanation: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/4.1/en/fulltext-boolean.html