Website Ideas taken

We all know that in this world ideas can come up anywhere. And since the explosion of internet various of ideas have risen from social networking, user videos and music. Here I will list various ideas that have been implemented and successfully running:

  • Social Networking - We all know about this one meeting and finding friends online. Adding people as your friend, having profile pages, blogs and the lot.
  • Video Site - such as youtube, metacafe, veoh. This is where users are the one who will be responsible for the content of the site.
  • Search Engines - booya google, yahoo, altavista and the lots. It lets you search for information on the net, returning several website that has them.
  • Music and band sites - Sites that allow bands to promote themselves having profile pages, gigs, their music and having an audio player to sample their songs.
  • Art Site - This lets you create a page that shows your artistry and allows your upload your artwork such as
  • Virtual 3d world - Site that let its users to have a virtual version of themselves in 3d environment where they can shop for clothes, furniture and even houses.
  • Stock sites. - From art site here it lets artist to upload their work such as photos, digital files etc. and have them downloaded people with a price. Usually this let the artist earn abit of percentage from the sale of their work. Such websites are istockphoto, jupiter stock, flash den etc.
  • Dating Site - such as eharmony ,, etc. For people who are looking for a relationship but mostly for dating.
  • Top ten list - the idea is to write your top ten list of favourite stuff. Let other people vote on it to get peoples view.
  • CMS Website Content Management System- this one is created by professionals that let an able person to create a website in no time. Filled with built-in functions and feature and let the site owner add content with no hassle.
  • Ecommerce site - this is when you have a product that you want to sell online. Also ebay monopolize on people wanting to sell their product with a fee. Imagine millions of user each selling at least 10 items with each item costing .let say a dollar. So how much is that?
  • Media Site - this is vast, you can provide your visitor ebooks, comics, news, manga anything for elearning or just plain entertainment.
  • Crowd Sourcing - many websites content mostly rely on their user. There's youtube and probably some other site I dont know about. There is also a site called that gathers graphic designers, creative people to join in a "competition" against one another hoping the contest provider will choose them and win a prize.This is very hard for this to work for you. you really have to be talented in order to win most of the contest if not then you will probably take 1000 entries before you can win 1 contents.