3ds Max/3ds Max 2010 Quick Tips

Well Im no expert really this is for my sake cause I forget things real easy and also a good reference for beginners out there. These are very beginner tips so if you are an expert and you think I missed some really good tips then send me buzz I'll add it here and I will thank you for teaching me. Here we go:

* While doing something and you decide you dont wanna continue press RIGHT CLICK, this is while your about to finish an action.

* Use ALT and CTRL then right click or left click to change the number of frames while moving your mouse. This is when your doing animation.

* To change the gizmo location go to the HIERARCHY tab and control the gizmo to affect pivot only.

* Use Pivot Point Centre to change orientation of where you transform your object. For example rotating 2 objects from a point of axis you may want to change to this to as desired. This icon is in the right of the SCALE tool.

* Position an object to a surface use the Normal align under the align icon drop down. Select the face you want the object to stand and select the surface to stand on.

* Use snap for accurate positioning.

* When doing an animation of a moving object its nice to see an outline to the direction of that object. Turn on the Tragectories button under the motion tab on the right.

* Spacing tool is under the Tools to distribute an object through a line or a space for duplication N objects.

* Increase grid spacing. For finer alignment. Right click on the snap icon and under the home grid tab.

* Double click a parent object to select all the children as well as the parent object.

* When using IK Solver and want to limit the movement of the connecting bone use the Hierarchy panel/tab on the right side and choose the IK button where you can control the limits and control of the bone.

* In 3ds Max if you want to save changes to your User interface most especially your Quads and make it the start up Interface, you need to name your custom interface to "MaxStartUI..." at least in 3ds Max 2010.

3ds Max Shortcuts

* Press J key to hide the outline of objects that is the white lines surrounding an object while selected.

* Press X to hide the gizmo.

* Press CTRL + X to make an object transparent.

* + and - increase/decreases the size of the object gizmo.

* Press F2 to hide the selected hi-light of the current element selected like the face, or element. F3 to toggle between wire frame. F4 Toggles to show the faces and the mesh. The faces wont show when there is no material applied to it. Try to assign a material if you want the lines and edges to show.

* R,T,L,F,U,P For right, top, left, front ,user and perspective viewport.

* CTRL + A and CTRL + D , select all and deselect all.

* CTRL + I, invert selection.

* Shift+Q , render selected viewport.

* F9 , render selected viewport.

* ALT + C , enable cut when in edit poly mode.

* SHIFT + E, enable extrude.

* N, toggle auto-key in animation.

3ds Max 2010 Graphite Tool

Loop most important tools
* Connect - this creates lines between edges, this is very useful to perform cuts on edges selected. You select the edges to where you want to create lines or cuts between them. And select "Connect"

* Dist connect - connects far apart edges and form edges between them. Select the first edge and the second edge then select distant connect.

Modify Selection
* Ring and loop selects edges straight similarities.