Never take your health for granted!

Well you read the title thats right! Never ever take your health for granted, you might be feeling well now and healthy , you might be indulging vigorously on foods you love. BUT when the time comes somethings goes wrong thats when you'll start to realize your body is not the body of superman, our body is very fragile when it comes to infection and the lack of nutrients our body needs. Sure you'll say even healthy people get some disease in the time of their lives, even famous people die.. what an excuse. But aint it better to do something you could have done before something goes wrong? That you could have easily avoided by doing something about it.

There are lots of common diseases we can catch from a common cold to flu, to a simple headache and fever which tends to signal theres something more serious underneath. What Im saying is DONT TAKE your HEALTH LIGHTLY. You may even say most people die in their 70s, 60s etc. But isnt better to live your life with high quality as possible even within that 70 years?

Stay healthy people or atleast try! No ones going to take care of your body but yourself. Nobody owns your body but you. And as your soul lives there it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep it healthy to have the quality life we all deserved. I know I only just figured this out recently. And I should really start doing something about this. But what so hard about DRINKING PLENTY of liquids(water) every day? Including FIBER in your diet? or you could throw in some MULTI VITAMINS if you like. What about do some exercising every now and then? This one I ought to follow I know but seriously are they really that hard?? When all these simple things we can do to prevent some nasty diseases and uncomfortable moments once a certain disease hit us?

Here are some examples they will effect our life and even cost us dearly when we could have avoided them. Brushing our teeth is simple, yet we failed to do so whats 5 minutes of your time going to the bathroom and doing it? When we always waste lots of 5 minutes doing silly stuff. These 5 minutes of our life has a purpose compare to those hours and hours we get from browsing the internet, playing video games, watching tv etc. Brushing our teeth regularly save us money from going to the dentist, it saves us time to do other important stuff, plus it give us healthy teeth and a bonus a beautiful smile. 5 minutes let say 3 times a day to do this everyday is it really a big deal? What about eating apples everyday? Just one apple a day, keeps the doctor away as the saying goes and its true, apple has lots of nutrients are body needs. Apples are inexpensive too. Eat oats, beans, rich in fiber food everyday. Helps our digestive system stay healthy. This gives you quality trips to the toilet a breeze and as pleasurable as possible compare to being CONSTIPATED and even save us trip to the doctor from deficiency of lack of fiber in our body. Im telling you wont like it! The pain of going to the toilet, the burning, and irritable feeling etc. You dont need that.. You can still enjoy the food you love just add some other good stuff into your diet and youre all set. Did I mentioned drink plenty of fluids? May I add... I just recently found out that my mom accidentally ate a foreign object. I think it was a wire on her false teeth.. This said please WATCH OUT WHAT YOURE EATING never swallow stuff if you dont know whats going in inside your mouth chew chew chew! You dont want something like this happen to you..Its a very awful feeling. And could cause some other serious complication.

People what Im saying dont take them granted those simple things that we can do regularly without trouble is the most valuable thing we can have. I can assure you when this simple things get taken away from us because of some disease we could have avoided early on is like cutting your whole leg or arm once they occur. Our eye sight, our skin, nose, lips, and other parts of our body they are there to house us to help us function well. I cannot reiterate this enough. Please take care of yourselves. Remember those simple things we can do to live a quality life , you will never regret it, its because its the most productive thing you ever done for yourself.