IMVU - Developing Accessory Checklist 3dsMax7

This is a reminder to me about developing accessories on IMVU, I am also one of the developer of the site. I should always remember this when developing:

1. Open "Female04_WeightingPoseMASTER.max"

2. Align "AttachmentRoot" to any of the bone you want to move the accessory with making sure XYZ position is checked, also the XYZ align orientation is checked, Both PIVOT points.

3. Create the bone for the mesh. Click and click then right click, this makes 2 bones but you can do as many as desired or needed.
4. Link the main bone you likely to animate to the "AttachmentRoot". If there is no animation 1 bone is enough.

5. Create the mesh (better convert the mesh to editable mesh if you want to do morphing animation later or recommended to just convert it to editable mesh anyways). The alignment of the mesh in the body is important this will let you know where exactly the mesh is in the body. But the Bone for the mesh is where the main position is. Anywhere you move the bone is where the mesh will be. The PIVOT of the mesh and the PIVOT of the bone is your guide.If you want to move the mesh you have to move the BONE.

6. Select the mesh and apply Skin, click on "Add" select the main BONE the mesh is link to.Then click on Edit Envelopes and check "Vertices" uncheck envelopes and cross section. High light the vertices of the mesh by dragging or CTRL+A to select all. Check only "RIGID" and turn Abs Effect to value 1.0. This will highlight and turn the vertices to red.We are done with the mesh. You can either create a copy of the mesh for morph animation or go directly for material if there is no morph animation.

7.a For morph animation. Duplicate now your MESH and get rid of the SKIN,or MORPHER modifier if there is any making sure vertices are not changed.Name the new mesh accordingly.See details below:
[name].Clamped - allows multiple morph animations to affect the channel but clamps the sum of their effects to 100%
[name].Averaged - allows mutlipe morph animations to affect the channel, averages the result.
[name].Exclusive - allows only one morph animation (the most recent one applied) to affect the channel, no cap on value (i.e. allows values greater than 100%)
[name].Additive - allows multiple animations to affect the channel, values are added together. The name are used by IMVU and must use any of these naming conventions. Now do whatever you want with the new morpher mesh.
LINK THIS NEW MESH TO THE PARENT MESH. Use exclusive for default.

7.a.1 Add "Morpher" to the parent mesh.Choose a empty node and pick the target mesh you just copied. Try to adjust the value and see if it works.

8. Creating Material. Press M key to bring out material window.Choose an empty material node. Limit the number to 1 if you are just using just one material. Multiple material are use if you are manually setting the face ID under editable mesh face. Choosing the right ID. Back to material choose the first material and choose "Multi/Sub-Object" name it like this myName[0], myName[1] etc. Apply the material to your mesh.You may use Diffuse and the Opacity to set which part is needed to be displayed or not if that is what you desired. Choose Bitmap for the most part and browse for the image you want to use.

9. To edit the material accordingly. Apply "UnWrap UVW" to the mesh. Click on EDIT under parameters. To make it easy to organize choose Mapping->Unfold Mapping if you want to flatten it but still connected. Or choose Mapping->Flatten Mapping will flatten the polygons but not connected but still easy to organize.

10. Now youre done with material time to export. So far you have Skin,Unwrap and Morpher if you chose to do morphing animation.

11. Click on "AttachmentRoot" choose file and export the skeleton as .XSF.

12. Click on the mesh and export the mesh as .XMF. Make sure you have a material assign to your mesh otherwise it will not work.

13. Click on nothing and export the material to export. XRF

14. Click the bone to export the animation you created. XAF

15. Click on the mesh and export for morphing animation. XPF

16. Now you have to open previewer. Importantly click on SPECIAL tab and type the NAME OF THE BONE you align the "AttachmentRoot". Eg. lfClavicle,Head etc. Upload the Skeleton you just created. Upload the mesh,upload the material and the action. And were finished.

Updated: Multiple Accessory to different part of the body
If you want to have let say 2 swords left and right hand. You will create your mesh the same way as creating a normal accessory. But the skinning and exporting is different. Your mesh will have to be skinned using the AVATAR bone itself. Eg. the rtHand , lfHand will be your bone. And when exporting your mesh use the FemaleAnimation.xsf as the skeleton. Use product2191901 to derive from. In the geometry tab add a value more than the value of 10. Upload your meshes as required. Thanks to DakkuPurinsu for this.

Updated: stance.Idle only works on attachmentRoot bone at the moment.
Updated: Avatar action is only working on EMPTY CLOTHING. So if you derive from an accessory avatar action wont work.
Updated: To animate morph animation you have to control the vertices from the vertex level. To hide an object select all vertices and right click on scale. Set offset value to ".1" percent.
Updated: When doing Morph animation , plan your animation. Make sure you have set all needed morph targets before creating your animation 1 by 1. Always try to export the xmf if the mesh morph is successfully linked otherwise you will run to an error because of your morph targets are all mixed and messed up. Use the bone to MOVE mesh and MORPH targets to change shape of the mesh.
Important Updates: Create your mesh and set the right Material ID immediately before linking the children to the parent. Then properly duplicate the mesh. Do the animation last.
Updated: You can only morph animate 1 mesh at a time.You need to merge meshes together and animate through that 1 mesh.
Updated: Use Physique modifier to have 1 mesh with multiple weighting on bones for example 2 swords can be put in both hands and have 1 mesh applying physique and weight each sub objects to the assign link bones will automatically weigh the swords.
Updated: Always apply morpher before any Skin or Physique modifier to the stack.
Updated: Follow the steps for time saving later.
1. Create mesh
2. Test mesh first if it looks okay in the previewer.
3. Create the map/ unwrap maps.
4. Apply edit poly at the top for any changes to make later on if theres miss process.
5. Clone for morphine.
6. Apply Skin.
Updated: Use PUSH modifier to slightly make the mesh abit bigger. Best use for clothing and composite meshing.