Best Sites on the Internet - Random List

Here I will the sites I often visit (aside from the kinky stuff if you know what I mean). Hope this helps you make your online life enjoyable.

1. Im a fan of Japanese art / comics / manga. So if you are same as me. You would enjoy this site, a collection of manga comics readily available online and always up to date. Here you will see the manga of such anime as Naruto and Bleach.

2. Well if the above doest work for you and you want your manga early as then. Try this one. They release their manga way more early than onemanga.

3. As you can see the above tells about manga this one is the anime version. Its muc better to watch a moving character than reading of course but they are mostly base on the manga anyways and usually pretty late to catch up relating to the story. Here you will have lots and lots of anime listed and categorize. If you wanna kill some time and relax this one is the to go to.

4. Well who doesnt know youtube?

5. Do you want to make a 3d version of yourself? Chat and make friends? Well we all know about secondlife but its just too big for our average computers, and you have to admit the avatar are pretty ugly. IMVU's avatar I reckon is pretty cute. And its free to join! Buy accessories, clothing, hairstyle , rooms etc. Everything is in there. You can also make some extra cash being a developer if you have some talent or just plain awesome. You can sell your products and exchange it for real money. Just a note though its addicting at first but once you get use to it, you'll see yourself losing the addiction :)

6. - Free Stock Photos Okay are you looking for High Quality Photos... AT NO COST? Well heres one website that offer just that! If you are a web designer or graphic designer looking for photos to use on your personal site or even on commercial site, you can find most of the thing you need here. See the authour license though before using their photos.

7. - Inspiring Topics and Issues Here you can see videos of from influential people talks about various Topics and Issues about whats going on in the world. From technology to famine in Africa.The topics are broad and most videos only last within an hour. Some will inspire you, some will make you aware , some will amuse you but all in all it will make you wonder.

8. We all know about this one.. not sure if there is anyone who still doesnt. You can buy cheaper products from people as well as sell your own item. There are wide of range of products on the site from a serial to computer parts.

9. This is a torrent site obviously. But this one is the one I use the most. If you dont know what torrents are, they are files that host files from various locations. It can be shared from around the world as long as you have a torrent downloader program. Go to the site and type anything you want from Mp3 songs to movies to programs, as you can see this sometimes cause big issues especially if you are downloading a pirated movies/programs etc. Download at your own risk.

10. Is a collection of FREE graphic silhouettes in black and white. If you are a graphic/web designer like myself then this site is like a gold mine, especially for starving artist like us. hehe

11. Here is another graphic-all-free-download site. They packed huge collection of vector files. Useful when youre a designer just like me :)