Web Designers/Developers Recommended Tools/Programs

As a web designer and a web developer, we all know that TIME is our biggest enemy. It takes HUGE amount of time to complete one project HTML wise and CODE wise. You see programs on the web that tells you they are your bestfriend when doing a specific task. But all software does that, they tell you they are the best among the rest but how can you make sure? Some even when installed gives you viruses , spyware, malware and the lot. Okay not sounding like marketing guy. I will list here a bunch of programs that I use and found really useful and can even say I cant live with out.

1. ColorPic This is a color palette program that lets you pic a color across your screen to sample what colour it uses. This is very hand when the colour you wanted is on another window. Let say you are working on Photoshop and you wanted a color thats in another window let say a browser but how can you get the exact code for that color? Simple you use this program once you sample the pixel just copy it and paste the code in Photoshop voila! This program is FREEWARE and I can assure you no-virus or any malicious viruses. Heres the link http://www.iconico.com/colorpic/

2. FastStone Capture Okay although not initially free. This is one my favourite program! It lets you take snapshot anywhere in your screen! You can draw a specific region in your screen and capture whatever thats inside the region. It also lets you capture the whole height of your browser! How cool is that! You can even draw a region using this. No more ALT+PRINT SCREEN this is your best mate! No viruses or any sort like that. I think its the best screen capture I ever seen. See here http://www.faststone.org/FSCaptureDetail.htm

3.JRuler Pro Another one tough cookie is the JRuler its a screen ruler. You wonder why you need this baby? Well do you sometimes as a designer like to know in an instant the width of a page in your browser? Or perhaps a window? an icon on your desktop? Well with this screen ruler you dont have to worry. All you got to do is place the ruler and adjust the width, it is like a ruler on your screen that measure different units like points, pixels, mm etc. You can even rotate this, change transparency etc. This is really useful when you are a web/graphic designer when you want efficient and faster way of finding dimensions in your screen. Here is the link http://www.spadixbd.com/jruler/index.htm

4.PHP Designer If you are a web developer and need a really powerful editor for PHP this one is tough to beat. Even though I only have the personal version I would think the pro version would have tons of feature compare to the free one. It has auto complete feature, Jump to declaration in press of keys. It has FTP capability, it supports HTML, Javascript, CSS and other languages, it has well thought out text highlighting and the lot! Although you will have to pay fair amount. It is a lifetime license that means once you purchase it your good to go. With free upgrades too how cool is that? It is created by one man I think here is the link to the site http://www.mpsoftware.dk/phpdesigner.php

5. CamStudio Cam Studio is a free video capture program that lets your record video in your monitor, you can specify a region to which the program will record. Google Camstudio and it should come out in the first page. Its FREE too!

I will add more tools in here. If you have anything to add, feel free to comment. And I will add it on here. cheeryos!