Toy Story 3 - Must Watch in 3d Glasses! - Incredible Touching Movie

Okay when I was on the way home, I saw Toy Story 3 showing in 3d, I thought why not give it a go right? And it was my first time watching it with 3d glasses so I was so excited. After the screen asked us to put on our glasses as we did. The moment I saw the first pre-movie presentation called "Night and Day" it was MAGIC! The graphics the in your face visuals where you can actually see the horizon like going away form you and as almost you can touch the characters was awesome!

Anyways about the movie itself. From the first and second movie brings the 3rd installment. I think I was about 14 when I watched it, and I really enjoyed it so much. The characters was very enjoyable and funny and you can really get attached to them. With the 3rd installment it was just AMAZING. Lots of fun, funny scenes, good actions and heart felt drama. I was stuck to my seat never ever going to the bathroom enjoying every seconds of it. Im really wanting to see what happens next. The story is about what all toys are scared of, being forgotten and never to played again and Andy being 17 and going to college their darkest fear has just arrived. The focus of the story has turn to our lovable Woody from the first movie to the 3rd has been there for his friends to thick and thin. The connection of Woody to Andy was just so strong. And as the story progresses, you cant help but wonder whats to be left of the gang. Andy going to college and them either being thrown in the attic, dumped in the trash can or being donated.

There's lots of twist in the story which I didnt really expect because of animated movies I've seen seems to lean on the predictability of story but this one is different. At some point I tried to guess whats gonna happen next and how the story would end, also theres also a time where I thought, that the end is nearly here. But no, theres lots of problem and more problems on top of one the other. And when you get to the end.. I dont care how old you are if you have watched the first and second movie, you cant help to feel sad and touch and sometimes even cry in the moments of goodbye. You will cry because you didnt expect the ending to be this great. Im 26 years old but I felt like crying in the movie but I hold on to it just to be a man but deep down I was crying like a little girl. (yeah right)

So if you really want to get the whole impact of the movie. I recommend watching this movie in 3d and you will never regret it! I give it a 9.5/10 rating. Thats how good it is!

[ SPOILER ] Please do not read below!
Im just gonna describe how I felt of the ending, There are 4 scenes that really got to me that struck my heart. (1) Its when Andy found Woody in the box while giving his toys to Bonnie, he didnt want to give Woody away as Bonnie about to touch Woody , Andy turn Woody away for a second hesitating to giving up Woody but later gave it to her anyway.(2) And then as Andy held Woody looking at his face recalls his memory with Woody and describing Woody as kind heart, brave, will always stay with you till the end and never leaving you. I remember Woody from the first and second and in this movie always trying to save his friend and never ever leave them and the gang not believing in him all the time almost opened the faucet in my eyes. I also didnt expect that deep down Andy really loves his toys because of the first scene he seem to didnt care for them. (3) Its when Andy played with them for the last time. (4) As Andy about to leave said thanks to all the toys for being there for him in his childhood. The moment Andy wave goodbye to Bonnie while holding Woody and Buzz,Bonnie moved Woodys hand to wave to Andy almost teared me (just almost) and Andy went immediately inside the car as if like he didnt want to part with him and just drove off. As Woody and Buzz sitting in the doorstep watching the sunset and silhouette of Andys car.