XForm Modifier 3ds Max - for dumb dumb like me

Well Ive been trying to demistify the use of XForm I mean so what If the mesh scales, rotates, moves different in what it says in the parameter panel.

Actually XForm modifier is useful when you dont get the desired effect you want. Especially when it comes to scaling your object, a bunch of wacky result could show up for example a bend modifier when applied and when you try to scale the height. It will look wonky.

But if you apply XForm modifier before the bend modifier and scale it will create a smooth and proportionate scaling. The transformation you do on the object, will be stored within that modifier. Also most modifiers rely on the parameter on the panel if it doesnt match the overall scaling of the object in the world scene, you will get an undesired result.

Another example let say, you create a tube with segments on them then you try scaling the tube, the panel parameter wont change, so if you apply bend modifier again. The bend modifier will look at the parameter panel and base its effect on that, but your object already is scaled and doesnt match the actual parameter, so you will look a stretchy look that looks awful.

When you have scaled or move or rotated an object go to Utility and use Reset XForm it will store the transformations you have done on the object in the XForm modifier and will reset your transformation back to when you created it when you disable the XForm modifier thats been applied to the object.

Its like capturing the transformation you have done on the object and put it somewhere.
Well thats the only I could think of at the moment. I hope you find this useful.