Loading External Image (JPG,PNG etc) into a movieClip in Flash AS3

Actually this is a tutorial I found on the net and its from jesseharding.com , here what he had to say:

"loadMovie is gone in AS3. I liked to use loadMovie to pull swfs and jpgs into existing movie clips on the stage. You can still do this fairly easily by using the load() method. Here’s how:

var i =new Loader();
i.load(new URLRequest(yourimage.jpg));

Basically we are loading the image into a Loader called “i”. Next we add i as a child to our movie clip that is on the stage."

Thats how easy it is to load an image into flash and into a movie clip. Apparently you can use Loader class to load any capable files outside using it with the URLRequest class.

Credits to: jesseharding.com