Golden Rule - developing 3d products for IMVU

In my spare time I do some deving for IMVU - here is a bunch of MUST DOS to follow to develop a product in no time:

1. Model your mesh and scale the model right away! So you wont run to any problems later on and make sure the size is final! Set Submesh IDs.
2. Apply Unwrap UVW modifier. Arrange your mesh map properly and be smart to when to arrange multiple mesh with the same map. You must finalize your maps here!
3. Create materials and apply to mesh
3.5 Test your mesh! This may be unproductive but testing it on the client first before making any morphs or animation is ideal, to prevent unwanted work later on, this will save you heaps of time! So I recommend you do so.
4. For morphing - Duplicate mesh
5. Create bones if needed, make sure you name the bones PROPERLY always double check the naming before moving to the next stage.
6. Apply Physique, best for organic, apply Skin for complex rigid mesh.
7. Finally apply Morpher modifier.
8. Once everything is done remember IMVU - 3 Idle stances rule. stance.Idle, stance.Standing and stance.Sitting.

Below is the stack preview:
- Morpher
- Physique/Skin
- Unwrap UVW
- Edit Poly
- Sphere