Golden Rule - developing 3d products for IMVU

In my spare time I do some deving for IMVU - here is a bunch of MUST DOS to follow to develop a product in no time:

1. Model your mesh and scale the model right away! So you wont run to any problems later on and make sure the size is final! Set Submesh IDs.
2. Apply Unwrap UVW modifier. Arrange your mesh map properly and be smart to when to arrange multiple mesh with the same map. You must finalize your maps here!
3. Create materials and apply to mesh

3ds Max/3ds Max 2010 Quick Tips

Well Im no expert really this is for my sake cause I forget things real easy and also a good reference for beginners out there. These are very beginner tips so if you are an expert and you think I missed some really good tips then send me buzz I'll add it here and I will thank you for teaching me. Here we go:

* While doing something and you decide you dont wanna continue press RIGHT CLICK, this is while your about to finish an action.

* Use ALT and CTRL then right click or left click to change the number of frames while moving your mouse. This is when your doing animation.

Never take your health for granted!

Well you read the title thats right! Never ever take your health for granted, you might be feeling well now and healthy , you might be indulging vigorously on foods you love. BUT when the time comes somethings goes wrong thats when you'll start to realize your body is not the body of superman, our body is very fragile when it comes to infection and the lack of nutrients our body needs. Sure you'll say even healthy people get some disease in the time of their lives, even famous people die.. what an excuse. But aint it better to do something you could have done before something goes wrong?

Is your Exit Isolation mode missing in 3ds Max?

All you got to do is run this macro:
"(iso2roll.c2iso.changed (iso2roll.c2iso.state = false))" then you can drag and drop it in your toolbar, but sometimes when you do this macro, weirdly enough your Exit Isolation Mode goes back in view. Forgetting this whole shebangs. but either way you have your Exit Isolation Mode or Exit Isolation in toolbar handy for you next time! =)

Left hand lfRingFinger crash for IMVU development

When you are developing an accessory for IMVU and bumped into wall regarding the left hand not exporting and crashing 3ds Max, it could have something to do with the ring finger.

All you need to do is rename the lfRingfinger02 to lfRingfinger01.

This happens because imvu made a mistake naming the bone structure, now that they have corrected it, its not compatible with the old skeleton now.

Let this be a lesson to me and for you if you happen to come across this issue.

Loading External Image (JPG,PNG etc) into a movieClip in Flash AS3

Actually this is a tutorial I found on the net and its from , here what he had to say:

"loadMovie is gone in AS3. I liked to use loadMovie to pull swfs and jpgs into existing movie clips on the stage. You can still do this fairly easily by using the load() method. Here’s how:

var i =new Loader();
i.load(new URLRequest(yourimage.jpg));

Basically we are loading the image into a Loader called “i”. Next we add i as a child to our movie clip that is on the stage."

Illustrator CS3 - Coordinate mismatch and aligning guides accurately

When working with Illustrator CS3 and you find yourself , transforming and moving objects but the origin of the ruler doesnt match and way off from the document itself. All you need to do is DOUBLE CLICK the upper left hand WHITE SQUARE where the X and Y ruler meets.

And also with the guide to accurately position it you need to have transform window open via Window->Transform and adjust the X/Y coordinates to your needs.

When you go to the mall. which type of store is your favourite?

XForm Modifier 3ds Max - for dumb dumb like me

Well Ive been trying to demistify the use of XForm I mean so what If the mesh scales, rotates, moves different in what it says in the parameter panel.

Actually XForm modifier is useful when you dont get the desired effect you want. Especially when it comes to scaling your object, a bunch of wacky result could show up for example a bend modifier when applied and when you try to scale the height. It will look wonky.

Difference between Forward and Inverse Kinematics for dummies

Like me I always known what Inverse Kinematics is specially when doing 3d Rigging, so whats the opposite of that.The forward kinematics of course.

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